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Many of the parents packed into the open court outsideLong Beach Shoreline Mall said the new play area is a welcome addition.

Moms and nannies herding teetering toddlers while pushing overpacked double strollers mostly offered a quick laugh and quickly praised having another area to let their little ones burn off some energy.

"This is the first step in revitalizing this area of the mall," said Christi Wallace, Westfield's marketing director. "We want to create not only a great place to shop, but a great experience for the whole family."

The president of the mall disclsed that the mall is planning several other amenity upgrades for the wing of the mall where the new play area is.

For now, the new play area is a site for sore eyes for some moms.

"It's more than they have at the other one," said Sarah Pellito of Edgewater. "That one gets really crowded and it gets tough for the little ones to play."

Pellito said visiting the mall is a good way to spend the afternoon. The kids get a chance play and burn off some steam, ride the train, and mom has a chance to stop by a few stores and grab some things she may need.